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Barbi Jay Finally Returns Home, Bitter Baby Mama Throws Cups at Him

Furious Barbi Jay Tanzanian Baby Mama Throws Cups at Him

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Police arrested Barbi Jay at recently in Rubaga for reportedly eating his queen dancer’s ‘black panther’ in a car parked by the roadside.

Barbi Jay has since spoken out on ‘eating’ his queen dancer’s ‘blank panther’.

Barbi Jay’s furious Tanzanian Baby Mama had vowed  to Deal with Cheater Boyfriend, Co-Wife


Millers Nisha Mariam was serious with her threats.

After close to a week of hiding in a studio, Barbi Jay returned home on Friday and found an angry Millers Nisha Mariam.

Millers Nisha Mariam had a quarrel with Barbi Jay after his return.

Friday night, Barbi Jay revealed that Millers Nisha Mariam had thrown cups at him.

“We are still sorting out our issues,” Barbi Jay told Spark TV.

“She says she has forgiven me but she is still furious. She passes me in rage, throwing cups at me.”

Barbi Jay added: “It seems she is yet to forgive me.”

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