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Audio: Ronald Mayinja Blasts Museveni in New ‘Bizzemu’ Song

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Mayinja uses just over four minutes to sting Museveni for allowing what he fought three decades ago to re-occur.

He also clears the air on why he had gone to Kiboga where he was pictured shaking hands with Museveni.

Ronald Mayinja performs at Museveni age limit removal party. Courtesy Photo
Ronald Mayinja performs at Museveni age limit removal party. Courtesy Photo


Verse One

In the 1980s Mzee [Museveni] took up arms

Against what ailed this nation

Which included bad governance and murders very rampant were the murders. 

tribalism and vote rigging; Highway robberies and arbitrary arrests;

People in power misusing their weapons; Mzee went to the bush to fight these


But now, all these have returned; what he fought has resurfaced 

Go tell Mzee that these ills have returned x 2

Verse Two

Among the things that made mzee fight was poverty, yet now money has lost all value

Arcade owners want their rent in US Dollars, because the local currency keeps losing value

People run away from their homes to go die at home, because of high hospital bills.

Yet the Late so-and-so [Mayinja could have meant Mowzey Radio] had a huge bill

But they said he had sung for Museveni and they paid his bill 

It’s now about ‘know-who’ — no more universal benefits.

And woe unto us the artists.


Verse Three

Even Panda Gari [bloody and torturous arrests and killings] is back, I am scared

Because the opposition people are now netted like mud fish

They kidnap your child and ask for a ransom

And when you delay to send it they behead them

Testifying for a person whose land has been grabbed now makes you a thief

That you are sabotaging the big people’s efforts to develop this nation

I went to Kiboga to tell Mzee all this, but my fellow wananchi insulted me instead

They said i was foolish, a duck walk

Let him hurt us, he will get tired and quit. We just reported him to God

So when they stopped me, I decided to send this message.

Chorus up to the end

Besigye Welcomes Ronald Mayinja back to opposition


Part of lyrics translation: courtesy

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