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Apass Hits Back at Bebe Cool after Gagamel Boss Named His Goat ‘Apass’

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Singer Alexander Bagonza aka Apass has hit back at Gagamel boss Bebe Cool after he bought a goat and named it ‘Apass’ as the social media tax war continues to divide artistes.

It all began last week when Bebe Cool called an anti-social media tax protest by artistes, including Apass, a nuisance.

Apass would then hit back saying Bebe Cool carried a big body but had no brains.

In response Bebe Cool bought a goat at Shs 1m and named it Apass.

The goat is supposed to take part in the  Royal Ascot Goats Race announced recently at a press conference held at Speke Apartments in Kampala.

To be held on August 25 at the Speke Resort Munyonyo, the 2018 race will focus on lifestyle, and fashion.

In response to Bebe Cool, Apass  said Bebe Cool was praising him.

“Someone called me a goat, but do not be blind, he meant that I am ‘The Greatest Of All Time’,” reacted Apass.

“He has never seen a talented artist like me,”

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