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25 NGOs Petition Kadaga to Throw Wife-Beating MP Onesimus Twinamasiko out of Parliament

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In an NTV interview, Twinamasiko confessed to beating his wife, sparking outrage.

Twinamasiko was commenting on President Yoweri Museveni’s attack on men who beat wives.

Twinamasiko would later apologize.

But he opened another can of worms when he said he meant “the other beating” (interpreted to mean conjugal rights).

NGOs are again up in arms.


Bonnie Kiconco Mutungi, the executive director for Centre for Women in Governance, is leading the organisations that want Kadaga to suspend Twinamasiko.

“It is so unfortunate that in this era of fighting domestic violence, an MP is able to shamelessly stand in front of cameras and support violence,” said Kiconco on Wednesday.

“His actions showed he has not matured to represent a constituency.”


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