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Zinedine Zidane Explains why He Quit Real Madrid Job

Zidane Resigns after Champions League Record

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Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has thrown in the towel barely a week after winning the Champions League trophy. 

Zidane, 45, leaves as the first coach to win the Champions League in three consecutive seasons.

Having joined the club in January 2016, Zidane had spent about two and a half years at Real Madrid.

He took over from Rafael Benitez.

Despite his Champions League record, his La Liga record was his undoing.

He has won the La Liga once.

What Zinedine Zidane Said About His Resignation from Real Madrid

“I’ve tried to work hard, be honest, defend the club’s values. I’ve always had the respect of my players and without that it’s impossible to achieve things.

My decision is my decision. It has nothing to do with the players but after three years, it’s difficult to maintain such high standards.

I’m a natural born winner and I love winning. I don’t like losing.

If I feel like I am not going to win then a change is needed. The decision wasn’t that I’m going to change this player or that player. I said I’m going to leave.

We’ve talked about strengthening the squad and signings but that’s not why I leaving. If you want to manage, this is part of your job. I think a change is needed.

After three years, a change is needed. Something different, a different message.

I know it’s a strange moment for everyone involed, but I think it’s the right decision.

Best moment? My fondest memory was as a player when I signed for Real Madrid.

If I was the manager here next season, it would have been tough for us to win trophies. You saw in the Copa this season and I can’t forget out domestic campaign that easily here.

There are stages, periods you go through, stages. And you need to know when to stop. I think it’s the right decision for the team.

I’m not tired of managing. I’ve been managing for three years but I think for me, the time to leave the club is now.

Why now? The demands can wear you down. Maybe, back then on that day, I thought that. But later, in my head there was a different thing and my mind changed.

I’ve always said that anything can happen at this club and my time has come to an end.

 Close to my heart. Of course, I could return, I’ll always be near to this club as it’s close to my heart. I think many won’t understand but I know it’s the right time. Time for a change. And for the players too.”

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