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Zari: I Didn’t Want my Children to Copy Diamond Platnumz Bad Manners

Zari Refuses to Move On, Regrets Loving Diamond Platnumz So Much

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Socialite Zari Hassan is still regretting why she showered Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz with so much love, on for him to only disrespect her.

Zari separated with Diamond Platnumz on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

On Saturday, Zari told Kenya’s Classic FM  ahead of her Colour Purple Concert how “I loved him so much and everyone knows about that”.

Even when she learnt that Diamond Platnumz was cheating on her, Zari revealed, she continued loving the music star.

The socialite added that Diamond Platnumz continued to cheat with impunity.

“You can go cheat there as a man but when it comes in with disrespect that is when it became too much,” she said.

“I felt that my integrity was so low.”

Zari also revealed that she separated with Diamond Platnumz to save her children.

“Like, when my big boys see Diamond misbehaving on social media, they will not have respect for women when they grow up,” explained Zari.

“I asked myself: why do I have to settle low for this? My children were insulted on social media.”

She was optimistic her separation with Diamond Platnumz would help shape her children.

“Being the fact that they do not have a father, they will know that in future they need to respect women and that is why I left.”

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