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‘Why Ugandan Politics Still Needs Besigye’

Oneka: Some Political Schemers are Afraid of Besigye and Want His Legs Broken

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Opinion: Denis Oneka
Opinion: Denis Oneka

I have read something common with the critics of Dr Kizza Besigye’s activism, many of the critiques present lopsided analysis with a general view that if Ugandans are asking Museveni to depart the political scene because he has ruled for too long, Dr.Besigye should also leave because he has been in opposition for long!

I admire one fact about these people: Рboth of us seem to agree that there is need for Uganda to experience change of leadership in the Presidency.

Putting to consideration all their arguments, it is important to appreciate that every strategy or effort for the same course of removing Museveni from being President for life should not be frustrated by any genuine change-yearning individual.

In many countries across, the world politicians often have one or two chances to run for President. But In Africa where democracy is still growing and current presidents normally not ready to peacefully leave power — thanks to their deep entrenchments in power — it often takes many attempts to remove sitting presidents.

These scenarios are common in countries with presidents who came to power through wars, coup detats, and countries guided by military totalitarianism. I would give you endless examples of these countries.

Remember: every attempt comes with its own experience and when the experiences are fully mastered and fully explored, change of regime is inevitable.

Dr Besigye has competed against Museveni for four successive times and all the elections were marred by huge electoral  irregularities.

The fact that most of us believe in Dr Besigye’s courage and ability to overthrow Museveni, I do not buy the argument that Besigye should depart opposition politics in the middle of this Struggle for regime change.

There are political schemers with huge expectation of leading Uganda but with thin chances and they feel Besigye is their obstacle and to continue to their unclear destinations they believe Besigye’s political legs should first be broken.

This is a wrong approach! A player who wants to break the leg of his team mate so he could get chance of substituting him is a poor player, noncompetitive, and with no team spirit of winning together and is sunk in self-ego.

Denis Oneka Lit Amere is a member of FDC

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