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Why Museveni Ordered URA not to Touch Bank Customers’ Personal Details

Cabinet Directs URA to Leave Commercial Bank Customer Details

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Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, has ordered tax collector Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to drop their plan to force banks to reveal all customers’ details.

Information and ICT minister Frank Tumwebaze, told reporters at Uganda Media Centre on Tuesday that cabinet had rejected URA’s idea.

Tumwebaze said that “cabinet [had] discussed and noted the concerns that have been expressed by various stakeholders and the public regarding the demand by the Uganda Revenue Authority(URA) to access the personal accounts of all clients of Commercial Banks”

“Cabinet discussed the mater and with guidance of the Attorney General, recognised that while URA has the legal mandate to access any person’s bank account for purposes of tax audit and assessment,

“It should not be a blanket and general application to all people including those who are complying well and paying their taxes.”

Uganda Bankers’ Association, Uganda Law Society and  Common League of the Uganda Diaspora (Cloud) are some of the groups that had opposed this idea.


Cabinet was concerned that URA’s idea “would cause unnecessary litigations and some turbulence in the banking sector and thus affect the economy”.

Consequently, “the Minister of finance was accordingly directed to advise URA to drop its intentions of demanding for omnibus disclosure of people’s accounts from banks”.


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