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Why Makerere University Bursar is Resigning

Makerere Bursar Augustine Tamale Resigns

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Makerere University bursar Augustine Tamale has announced he is resigning within the next two months.

I  a letter dated  April 20, 2018, Tamale told Makerere Human Resource Director Andrew Abunyang that he will leave the institution on June 29, 2018.

“The purpose of this letter is to give a notice of resignation from the position of bursar of Makerere University,” wrote Tamale.

“I will serve for the next two months under this notice and leave on Friday June 29, 2018.”

Tamale cited “personal reasons’ for his resignations.

But sources at Makerere say intrigue had made the bursar’s office too hot for Tamale.


Tamale’s troubles started the day he passed his interviews for the job of university bursar.

He had previously worked as a senior accountant (2001-2006) and as  manager in charge of revenue accounting between 2006 and 2016 at the New Vision PLC, a subsidiary of Vision Group.

Makerere appointments board was reluctant to confirm Tamale.

It took Tamale’s threats that he would report Makerere to the IGG for the institution to confirm his appointment.

It is not clear why the appointments board never wanted Tamale at Makerere in the first place.

But other sources said the board had a preferred candidate yet Tamale had passed the interviews atop all the applicants.

The office of the bursar is a ‘wet’ one, controlling almost all the university funds, and grants.

It is for this reason that others claim some forces fought Tamale so they could have a fraction of the huge sums of cash at Makerere.

It should be remembered that Tamale’s predecessor, Joshua Karamagi, also resigned.

Karamagi had disagreed with management regarding the 70 per cent incentive given to all staff in 2013.

Makerere’s debt continues to pile to billions of money every year — even when government finances the institution on top of fees from private students.

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