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When God told First Lady Janet Museveni to Reject Her Husband’s Advice

When God Told First Lady Janet Museveni to Quit Parliamentary Politics

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A recent revelation by Patience Rwabwogo, President Yoweri Museveni’s daughter, that God had called her has sparked debate on the authenticity of the first daughter’s claim.

But as SAMUEL KAMUGISHA now writes, it is not only Patience Rwabwogo that claims to talk to God before taking decision. Her mother, first lady Janet Museveni, has also consulted God – twice on political decisions.

Rwabwogo claims God called her to serve Him.

Patience Rwabwogo, the senior pastor of Kampala’s Covenant Nations Church, was at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Worship House in Nansana recently.

Mixed reactions greeted the story, first published by The Pearl Times.

In about 2005, I started having this same vision.



Janet Museveni and her daughters
Janet Museveni and her daughters


This is part of Patience Rwabwogo’s conversation with God, at least according to what she narrated at Pastor Bugembe’s church.

Every night for about a year I could see the same thing; an image of the continent of Africa. In this vision, Africa was dark, and I would hear a voice that would say; out of what was called darkness will come a great light.

And then I saw someone blowing a great trumpet – then a light started coming out of Uganda. It started as a very small light but grew bigger and bigger.

As it grew bigger it expanded into other parts of Africa, until the whole continent was full of light. Then it started going out of Africa to the world.Janet 

And the Lord said, the light will come from within you – meaning us.

He said: just as a life is changed from the inside out, Africa will be changed from the inside out.

He said: you are always looking outside yourself, looking to other people/countries to be your light, but the light is inside of you. And as that light shines brighter, it will go out to other nations.

I asked the Lord: why is the light coming out of Uganda, is it because I am Ugandan and you are taking to me?

He said; No, Uganda is the heart of Africa. Just as a light comes from a heart that is transformed, a life is transformed. When Uganda is transformed, He said, Africa will be transformed.

My last question to God was who is that person blowing the trumpet? He said to me: you are the one blowing the trumpet.

I was very surprised. I didn’t understand what God was taking about. I tried to ignore that Voice for about a year.

In 2006, I was attending a conference somewhere and the Lord said: you are either going to follow me, and follow my path, or you are going to go your own path.


Janet Museveni shocked Ugandans, including her husband Museveni, when she announced she would stand for Ruhaama MP seat in 2006.

Museveni was not happy with Janet’s decision.

The matter came up in an NRM central executive committee (CEC) meeting.

I don’t want to see get insulted by MPs, said Museveni, quoting some of them whom he termed as ‘boys’ such as Aruu North’s Samuel Odonga Otto.

Janet Museveni stuck to her guns.

“God has instructed me to serve the people of Ruhaama,” Janet told Museveni and CEC.

Interestingly, Museveni recently praised Janet to uprooting opposition figure Augustine Ruzindana from Ntungamo.


Unlike her husband who has changed his mind on quitting elective politics, Janet served two terms and quit.

While working for The Observer, this journalist broke the story on Janet Museveni’s retirement in May 2015.

“What I want to say to you today is something I have been thinking and praying about for some time,” wrote Janet Museveni in a statement.

“I have sought God’s guidance and assurance about it.”

From her season of seeking God, Janet Museveni was certain “that this is what God intended for me in this season”.

Most of the reactions then were not so much on Janet retiring from elective politics, but on God telling her to quit.

Comments to the story were directed to Museveni’s retirement mystery. Some told Janet to tell God to advise her husband to quit.

Janet Museveni is a born again Christian and with a daughter heading a church, it should not be surprising that God talks to the two, or at least we are told so.

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