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What Will Happen to Catherine Bamugemereire When ‘they’ are Fed Up With Her?

Chris Obore Warns Bamugemereire on Dramatizing Land Probe

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Parliament’s director of communication, Chris Obore, has warned lady justice Catherine Bamugemereire of the land probe commission against what he termed as an attempt “to impress”.

In his reaction to the commission’s grilling of lands minister Betty Amongi, Obore attacked Bamugemereire whom she said “speaks English like an A level student eager to impress”.

Obore warned against “the trend public officials are taking of struggling to capture media and public attention unnecessarily” describing the fad as “dangerous for our governance”.

The former investigative journalist took offence with the way Bamugemereire seemed rather emotional, using her as an example of how the judiciary, like the political class, were clamouring to public attention.

“Instead of letting their work speak for them , they instead want to force public discussion about them. Though politicians need media , they also need to set the pace in maintaining public decorum,” argued Obore.

“It’s now getting worse that the judiciary which was known for being sober and measured, is now clamoring for media attention.”

Chris Obore Attacks Catherine Bamugemereire

Director of Communication at Uganda Parliament, Chris Obore
Director of Communication at Uganda Parliament, Chris Obore

He added that “the judges feel they are left out in the competition for public attention.”

Obore noted that “Bamugereirwe has taken” attention-seeking “to another [level]”.

“She actually shouts and speaks English like an A level student eager to impress.”

But Obore also wondered: “What happens when the public gets fed up with both the politicians and the judges? What happens when politicians use politics to respond to the ridicule from the judiciary?”

But Obore’s questions could find some answers in lawyer Andrew Karamagi’s piece on Museveni, Powerful Women and their Nasty Fights.

The publicist also wondered why Bamugemereire was so emotional.

“You are already a judge who will decide any way, so why dramatize?”

To show how disappointed he was, Obore, finally, wrote: “We seem to have lost responsible senior leaders in all sectors.”

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