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What Police Says about Usafi Mosque Raid, Arrest of Key Susan Magara Murder Suspect

Over 100 Rescued in Usafi Mosque Raid

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Police has declined to name a key suspect in the murder of administrator Susan Magara that was arrested in a raid on Usafi Mosque last week.

Over 100 individuals were rescued in the operation.

Police link the 36 suspects netted to recent murders and kidnappings.

Some of the rounds of ammunition recovered from Usafi Mosque
Some of the rounds of ammunition recovered from Usafi Mosque


36 suspected terrorists arrested, 18 women and 94 children rescued from hostage at Usafi Mosque near Kisenyi [on Friday night]. 

The security forces have continued to investigate and make follow up leads to incidents of crime that have occurred especially in areas of Greater Masaka and Kampala. A lot of focus has been towards arresting & eventual prosecution of suspects behind kidnaps for
ransom and murders. Focus also has been on trying to establish the motive behind these heinous crimes. Following credible intelligence, one of the key suspects whose name we shall not reveal now to protect the investigation of the late Suzan Magara, run to Usafi mosque in Kisenyi having known that was being tracked by security agencies. In the process of the arrest a number of children & women suspected to either having been kidnapped or held hostage were rescued. This took place last night, April 27th, 2018.

18 women & 94 children of different nationalities had been kidnapped & were being kept at Usafi Mosque. 
Police is making arrangements to hand over the rescued children and women to their relatives.
36 suspects were arrested & are under police custody. A number of weapons used in committing these heinous crimes have been seized. These include 60 rounds of 7.62MM ammunition, one bow and arrows, 23 double edged pangas and one laptop. We are making arrangements to handover the women and children, in the meantime, the police Child and Family Protection Unit will take care of them.

The 36 suspects arrested are under Police custody and will soon record statements for prosecution purposes. However, there are other suspects linked to these numerous kidnaps & murders that are highly wanted.

Whoever knows their whereabouts should quickly notify the Police in confidence so that they are apprehended. Use these numbers 0712667705 & 0714667743 or provide the information to the nearest Police station in your locality.

The security agencies are working jointly to ensure safety & security for all. We guarantee that justice will be done. The security forces take exception of the fact that such place of worship could be used under the cover of sanctity & freedom of worship to plan and execute crime.

Therefore, the mosque will continue to be secured and restricted. We call upon the general public to keep calm as security agencies continue to secure the country in the fight against crime.

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