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What Killed Zakayo, Uganda’s Oldest Chimpanzee?

Uganda's Oldest Chimpanzee Zakayo is Dead

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Zakayo, Uganda’s oldest chimpanzee, died on Thursday, aged 54 at the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (Uwec).

A white man would first raise Zakayo after he adopted him  from Semiliki National Park in Bundibugyo District  June 10, 1964.

But Zakayo would later turn violent, forcing the white man to surrender him to Uwec on June 19, 1976.

Zakayo is dead
Zakayo is dead


He has been a dominant figure at Uwec for long, only losing his alpha male position in 2012.

For the better part of 2012, Zakayo was succeeded by Matooke as the alpha male chimpanzee.

From 2013 to date, Aluma is in charge of the chimpanzee family at Uwec as the alpha male.

According to Uwec officials, Zakayo has been undergoing treatment for about three weeks.

The officials say Zakayo had grown old and had become prone to opportunistic infections.

Chimpanzees live for 45 years in the wild and 60 when put under care by humans — the way Zakayo was.

Preliminary findings suggest that he succumbed to Chronic Gastroenteritis, said Uwec in a mourning statement.

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