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Wanted! Lokodo Starts Hunt for Jack Pemba, Suleman Honey Over Leaked Sex Video

Lokodo Confirms Jack Pemba is the Man in Leaked Sex Video

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Simon Lokodo. Courtesy Photo
Simon Lokodo. Courtesy Photo

Ethics and Integrity minister Fr Simon Lokodo has started hunting for socialite Jack Pemba and his ex-girlfriend Suleman Honey for leaking a sex video tape on the internet.

The Pearl Times has learnt that government was taking the matter seriously.

Lokodo has teamed up with Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and the Pornography Control Committee to investigate the video tape and punish those who leaked it.

“Jack Pemba is the author of the video that has been making rounds on social media. The anti-pornography committee and UCC have established that it was Jack Pemba,” Lokodo has told Daily Monitor.

Preliminary investigations have also confirmed that Jack Pemba and Honey Suleman are the two love birds in the video.

Although Jack Pemba has denied being the man in the video, Honey Suleman says otherwise.

Lokodo has vowed to arrest Jack Pemba and Honey Suleman whom he said were now in hiding.

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