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Video: Anita Fabiola, Ed Cheune Enjoy Themselves at Rich Gang Socialite’s Dubai Apartment

VIDEO: Anita Fabiola Filmed at Ed Cheune’s Apartment in Dubai

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Media personality Anita Fabiola and Rich Gang’s Ed Cheune seem not to be hiding their love anymore — at least judging by the weekend’s romance at the socialite’s apartment in Dubai.

See, Anita Fabiola for long denied being involved with Ed Cheune.

He was not her class, she once said — they were simply friends.

Ed Cheune and Anita Fabiola had fun.

And the socialite even gave some gifts to the NBS TV presenter, with the love birds shopping their weekend away in expensive malls.

“Thanks Ed for my [Gucci] Phone casse. I love it,” bragged Fabiola on Snapchat.

Video: Anita Fabiola at Ed Cheune’s Dubai Apartment

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