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Uganda: UPDF Withdrawal from Somalia to be Decided in 2019

Defence Minister Adolf Mwesige: UPDF Could Leave Somalia Next Year

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Uganda’s defence minister Adolf Mwesige has told Parliament that Uganda’s withdrawal from war-torn Somalia will happen if a UN review recommends so next year.

On Wednesday, Kilak MP Gilbert Olanya raised a matter of national importance regarding the numbers of UPDF soldiers killed in al-shabaab Easter attack on Amison bases.

“Our own investigations indicate that 10 soldiers lost their lives and 14 were injured in the fight with the alshabab in Mogadishu,” said Olanya.

“We need to know the names of the killed & injured and when the other bodies will be returned home.”

Olanya also tasked Mwesigye to explain UPDF’s withdrawal plan from Somalia.

“As of last year, there was a proposal to withdraw from Somalia,” noted Olanya.

“What are the plans to bring back our gallant sons and daughters from Somalia?”

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In response, minister Mwesige said eight UPDF had died in the attack.

This corroborates President Yoweri Museveni’s account of the attack and number of casualties.

On Ugandan troops leaving Somalia, Mwesige said: “The withdrawal of the UPDF was discussed by the UN Security Council and other agencies.”

Mwesige told parliament that it was “agreed that, ‘since the threat still exists, the troop contributing countries should still on until a review in 2019”.

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