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Two of Susan Magara Murderers Killed

Two Susan Magara Killers Shot Dead in Usafi Mosque Raid

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Two of the suspected killers of administrator Susan Magara are already dead, president Yoweri Museveni has revealed as he delivered his 2018 state of the nation address.

Speaking on the issue of stability as he briefed the nation, Museveni said the two suspects who had had a hand in the kidnap and murder of Susan Magara had been shot as security forces raided Usafi Mosque.

“On the kidnappers and killers of Susan Magara, 2 were killed at Usaafi Mosque as they were trying to fight the Police and 8 were arrested,” said Museveni.

In April, police and other security forces raided Usafi Mosque near Kisenyi.

A statement by police said 36 suspected terrorists were arrested, 18 women and 94 children rescued from hostage.

Magara was killed after her family paid a Shs 700m ransom.

She had spent  days in the hands of her kidnappers, who also chopped off her fingers and later ended her life by administering a lethal injection.

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