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Susan Magara Murder: How Many Must Die for Heads to Roll?

Nicholas Opiyo on Susan Magara Murder, Kidnappings and Killings

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Opinion: Nicholas Opiyo.
Opinion: Nicholas Opiyo.

Applying the general principle of law above to the current spate of crimes/killings/abductions in Uganda, it would not be erroneous to arrive at the conclusion that the police chiefs/commanders/ and all security chiefs are as criminally culpable as the cowardly individuals(s) committing these macabre killings.

In organised societies, they would have taken political responsibility and resigned, an independent/transparent inquiry would have been instituted or in the very least public pressure would have mounted on them to resign.

Besigye: Where Next Should Ugandans Go if Museveni Failed to Arrest Susan Magara Killers?

But in Uganda, these criminals will wear peeps and with glossy faces, expensive perfumes, gold watches and a taxpayer-paid convoy of cars, address the press blaming all else but themselves – they see no failure on their part, they see this as a witchhunt by a foe here or a rival there. What nonsense.

We have allowed them to get away with it for far too long.

How many families must lose their loved ones for us to demand both criminal and political responsibility from those we pay to protect us? How many.

The security chiefs owe us all a duty and if they are unable to perform that duty, they can go and attend to their families and farms.

We do not want your fancy press statements that the press parrot in the name of news, we want accountability.

As we look for the killers, those responsible and are in plain sight must be pursued politically and legally.


On Tuesday, Police confirmed that Kidnapped Administrator Susan Magara was Found Dead, and her Body Dumped at Southern Bypass.

Police has since announced a Shs 100m prize for whoever identifiies the voice of the man in the audio recording.

Here is the recording of one of Susan Magara’s killers.

In another audio, Susan Magara’s mother pleads with one of the killers. 

By the time of the murder, Susan Magara’s family had paid Shs 700m

Museveni has  ordered an investigation into illegal Airtel Simcards reportedly being used by criminals.

Susan Magara Killers Used 14 Illegal Simcards

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 ‘How Can Museveni Spend Billions Tracking Opposition Politicians Yet Fail to Nab Susan Magara Killers?’

Video: Tears, Grief at Susan Magara Requiem Mass

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Touching: Cindy Magara Eulogizes Murdered Sister Susan, Tells Museveni to Wake Up

Video: Father Narrates Torture, Pain During Susan Magara’s 20 Days in Hands of Killers

Ruthless: Kidnappers Cut off Susan Magara’s Fingers 10 Days Before Killing Her, Sent them to Dad

Profile: Who Was Susan Magara?

Nicholas Opiyo is a human rights lawyer

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