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Susan Magara Killers Used 14 Illegal Simcards

Killers used 14 Illegal Simcards to Communicate with Susan Magara Family

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Murdered cashier Susan Magara
Murdered cashier Susan Magara

Preliminary investigations indicate that the kidnappers used some of the simcards just once.

Tracking the simcard owners’ details remains an uphill task even when there was a mass registration exercise.

Criminals are exploiting loopholes in the registration and verification exercise.

Museveni has since ordered an investigation into illegal Airtel Simcards reportedly being used by criminals. 


On Tuesday, Police confirmed that Kidnapped Administrator Susan Magara was Found Dead, and her Body Dumped at Southern Bypass.

Police has since announced a Shs 100m prize for whoever identifiies the voice of the man in the audio recording.

Here is the recording of one of Susan Magara’s killers.

In another audio, Susan Magara’s mother pleads with one of the killers. 

By the time of the murder, Susan Magara’s family had paid Shs 700m


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