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Stella Nyanzi to Lead Protesters to IGP Ochola’s Office Ahead of One Million Women’s March over Kidnaps

Stella Nyanzi: We'll Use Sauce pans, Cooking Pots, Spoons

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Activist Stella Nyanzi and the Women’s Protest Working Group (WPG) will Tuesday deliver a petition to police chief Martins Okoth Ochola at the force’s headquarters in Naguru, Kampala as the outfit prepares a One Million Women’s March in protest of a recent spate of kidnaps and killings.

For four months now, some 42 individuals have been kidnapped, with eight murders confirmed.

Although police insists there is no cause for alarm, fear seems to have gripped many.

And now WPG has launched the “END THE KIDNAPPING” Campaign in protest of the kidnaps and murders.

“Rather than sit down in resignation, fold our hands, get scared, keep silent and wait on an impotent dictatorship to save Uganda’s women and children from the rampant kidnaps and murders, we have decided to come together, expose, resist and protest against this gross violation of a bundle of human rights,” wrote activist and academic Nyanzi.

“Since we do not have guns and bullets to protect ourselves, we are picking up our cooking pots, sauce pans, spoons and cosmetics – as the weapons we are taking to the corridors of power and the streets of protest – to fight for our right to life!”

On Tuesday, the group will handover a petition to Ochola.

A ‘One Million Women’s March’ will happen in Kampala on June 30, 2018.

“We shall clap our hands, ululate, sing, cry and shout at Uganda’s dictatorship to restore security and safety for all women in Uganda,” further said Nyanzi.

“We shall throw off our clothes, curse, mock, ridicule and shame those who have failed to protect our children and secure the women’s lives.”

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