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Stella Nyanzi: It’s Okay for Women to Intimidate Men

Stella Nyanzi: "Feminism for me is undoing the hierarchy; Don't fear to intimidate men

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Controversial researcher and academic Dr Stella Nyanzi has told women not to fear intimidating men if that will give them their freedom.

Dr Stella Nyanzi spoke in Kampala during the Human Rights Convention where she was part of the panel that discussed issues of women and minority groups.

Nyanzi came to the limelight after a sole nude protest at Makerere University’s Institute of Social Research (Misr) in which she demonstrated against unfair dismissal.

Nyanzi advises women to use various ways of activism against oppression.

“In my case, nudity served my purpose,” said Stella Nyanzi.

“We’re all free to use our own strategies to advance rights.”

She also fell in trouble with President Yoweri Museveni after she referred to the three-decade leader as “a pair of buttocks”.

Nyanzi said although “many people say Museveni liberated women”, “he didn’t liberate a woman of my kind” — a woman who needs “a seat at the table”.

The activist, also known for her campaign to distribute free sanitary towels to Ugandan school girls, also noted that “many times women are avenues of oppression against fellow women”.


Dr Stella Nyanzi. Courtesy Photo
Dr Stella Nyanzi. Courtesy Photo

Stella Nyanzi also told women it was okay to intimidate women since they (men) had done so for long.

“Feminism for me is undoing the hierarchy. Don’t fear to intimidate men,” said Nyanzi.

“Feminism is about changing the status quo. We can’t be worried about intimidating men who have been intimidating us.”

Some cases of women beating men have been reported in the media.

On social media activism, Stella Nyanzi advised Ugandans not to “let anybody police your method of activism, especially those that have not done a thing”.

“In this government, if one is not crazy, there are some things you cannot do.”

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