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Singer Mathias Walukagga Refuses DNA Test, Finally Accepts to Take Care of Child Sired with House Girl

Mathias Walukagga Accuses Government of Fighting Him

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Kadongo-Kamu singer Mathias Walukagga has finally accepted to take care of a child he reportedly sired with a house girl after youth minister Nakiwala Kiyingi reportedly pushed for a DNA test to prove paternity.

Walukagga faces allegations of cheating on his wife Mariam and siring a child with Aisha Namugerwa, his house maid.

Previously, Walukagga had denied the child, saying he does not produce children with big heads.


But Walukagga would later make a u-turn and accept the child.

According to Walukagga, government, through youth minister Nakiwal Kiyingi, wanted to manipulate the DNA to prove he was the father of the child so that he could be sent to the coolers.

Walukagga is known for singing songs critical of the government of three-decade president Yoweri Museveni.

One of such songs is ‘Abantu Bakoowu’ (People are tired).

Walukagga has also accepted to make monthly contributions to take care of the baby.

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