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Singer Mathias Walukagga Sires Child with House Girl, Denies Baby Saying He Doesn’t Produce Children with Big Heads

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Kadongo-kamu singer Mathias Walukagga is being accused of cheating on his wife Mariam and siring a child with Aisha Namugerwa, his house maid.

Aisha Namugerwa, a house girl with whom singer Mathias Walukagga reportedly sired a child
Aisha Namugerwa, a house girl with whom singer Mathias Walukagga reportedly sired a child

According to Saudah Kabasoga, Namugerwa’s mother, her daughter’s aunt helped find her a job in Walukagga’s home.

Namugerwa then left Kasambya in Mubende district to work as a maid at Walukagga’s home in Maya, Wakiso district.

While Walukagga’s wife was away, Namugerwa claims, the Kadongo Kamu singer forced himself on her.

She then conceived and Walukagga chased her immediately his wife Mariam returned.

Although Walukagga had promised to help Namugerwa, Namusoga claims he has refused to help her daughter.

“He just threw her when she became pregnant, I have suffered with her from the time she was pregnant,” says Kabasoga.

Kabasoga and Namugerwa say Walukagga has neglected his child — to the extent of refusing to give the baby a name.

When Walukagga saw the photos of the baby, he scoffed: “I don’t produce children with such big heads.”

Walukagga once sent Shs 30,000. That was the last time he extended help.

Namugerwa and Kabasoga now want Walukagga and the baby to for DNA test.

Kadongo Kamu singer Mathias Walukagga
Kadongo Kamu singer Mathias Walukagga


Walukagga accuses Twaha, one of his dancers for siring the baby with his maid.

Twaha admits sleeping with Namugerwa, but is uncertain of paternity.

“She is telling lies,” says Walukagga.

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