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Singer Chris Evans Kaweesi Narrates How Men on Motorcycles Trailed Him, Hit His Head with a Hammer

Chris Evans Kaweesi Speaks out on Being Attacked by Thieves

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Singer Chris Evans Kaweesi has narrated how thieves trailed his car and beat him up at about 1am on Monday.  Chris Evans’ car would later be recovered, and he is currently out of danger

What Chirs Evans Kaweesi Says on Being Robbed Clean. 

“While I was driving in Mengo to look for what to eat, I noticed a boda boda following me,” narrated Chris Evans Kaweesi.

“At first, I thought the men on the boda were minding their business but I became suspicious after making a few turns and the same man followed me.”

Kaweesi then tried to drive into a nearby compound.

He hooted but that did not scare away his pursuers.

Chris Evans Kaweesi refused to get out of his car, forcing the thieves to bang it open.

They shoved him out and hit him on the head with a hammer, he narrated. His head hit with a hammer, Chris Evans became unconscious.

“I regained my senses after some minutes and moved to the roadside,” he said.

“I called my manager who came after 15 minutes and took me to the hospital where I got five stitches on the head.”

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