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‘Sheebah Karungi Calls Weasel a Houseboy ‘

Podium Houseboys: Sheebah Karungi Attacks Bryan White Foundation Artistes in New Song

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Singer Sheebah Karungi has attacked Weasel and other artistes that work for socialite Brian Kirumira’s Bryan White Foundation calling them houseboys.

Sheebah’ Karungi’s leaked ‘Houseboy’ song is a direct attack on Weasel and other artistes the singer calls ‘podium houseboys’.

The leaked song is already raising dust with other reports claims it was Sheebah Karungi’s manager, Jeff Kiwa, who advised Sheebah to sing something controversial to attract attention.

Weasel once disagreed with Bryan White.

But the duo would later reconcile.

Bryan White reportedly pushed Weasel to fire his manager.

Sheebah Karungi
Sheebah Karungi

At one of Bryan White Foundation’s charity events, Weasel was pictured carrying a sack of maize flour.

Anti-pornography Committee Boss Kezaabu to Send Sheebah Karungi to Prison for ‘Singing Nak*d’

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