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Ronald Mayinja Confesses Sins, Gets Born Again

Pastor Robert Kayanja Leads Singer Ronald Mayinja to Jesus

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Ugandan singer Ronald Mayinja has become born again, after Miracle Centre Cathedral Pastor Robert Kayanja prayed for him.

The ‘Mzee Bizzemu’ made his way to Rubaga for Day 57 of the 77 Days of Glory (DOGs) season Eight.

He talked with Pastor Kayanja, and the man of God led the musician to Christ.

“Ronald Mayinja has just confessed the salvation prayer in the name of Jesus,” Pastor Kayanja said after a chat with the singer.

“I have been seeing him on posters and on TV, but had never met him before.”


“I have lived a life pleasant to look at, but inwardly I have been crying,” started Ronald Mayinja.

“Today, I made the decision and prayed to die three times. What has been tormenting me most has lasted 4 years, but I said I cannot die.”

He revealed he had thought of drinking off his stress.

“I wondered: which bar is open right now. I didn’t go there,” narrated Mayanja.

“In my mind, I yearned to go to a church, but wondered which one is open Mondays because I have been fellowshipping at Namirembe Cathedral.”

He narrated how a voice had directed him to Miracle Centre Cathedral.

“I got an idea like I was speaking to someone; the voice said: pass by Pastor Kayanja’s Church,” he said.

“If you find them praying, go along and pray with them. When I came here, I was given a seat. I felt peace in my life.”


“I had never met Pastor Kayanja ever before in my life. I have only seen him on TV. When I came at the pulpit, I told him my issues in a whisper.

 I whispered a lot of issues. He told me: all that has come to an end; let us pray. From today I have accepted Jesus Christ, He is the Lord and Savior of my life.

Pastor has promised to stand with me. I request you to also pray for me. May the Lord strengthen me, that I may know him more as I still can.

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