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REVEALED: Plot to Kick Amama Mbabazi Successor MP Out of Parliament for Voting against age limit removal, Baryomunsi Named

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Kinkizi West MP, and successor to sacked super minister Amama Mbabazi, James Ruugi Kaberuka, is in trouble after a group led by junior housing minster Chris Baryomunsi started weaving a plan to recall him over his age limit vote.

James Kaberuka and Amama Mbabazi
James Kaberuka and Amama Mbabazi

Although he subscribes to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), Kaberuka voted against age limit removal (See Full List of how 416 MPs voted on age limit).

Kaberuka, Mbabazi, tycoon Garuga Musinguzi and others went  ahead and bought an posh car for anti-age limit Bishop Dan Zoreka.

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According to Kaberuka, a group called Kanungu Nyekundiire Group have hatched a plan to start an impeachment process against him for voting to maintain age limit.

Kaberuka names some of the members of the Kanungu Nyekundiire Group as: minister Baryomunsi, former MP contestant Dixon Kagurusi, Mayor Godfrey Karabenda, businessman Donati  and a one Adah Nansima Lydia  aka  Mama Kyama.

Kaberuka says he has reliable information that the group met in some hotel in Kanungu’s Kihiihi town on December 27, 2017, and resolved to kick him out of parliament.

They will soon start collecting signatures to recall me, said Kaberuka.


Nyekundiire group denies the claims.


“A member of Parliament shall vacate his or her seat in Parliament if recalled by the electorate in his or her constituency in accordance with this Constitution,” reads article 83(1)f of Uganda’s Constitution.

An MP can be recalled on these grounds, according to article 84 (2):

  • physical or mental incapacity rendering that member incapable
    ofperforming the functions ofthe office;
  • misconduct or misbehaviour likely to bring hatred, ridicule,
    contempt or disrepute to the office; or
  • persistent deserting of the electorate without reasonable

The petition needs two thirds majority of voters, according to article 84(3): “The recall of a member of Parliament shall be initiated by a petition in writing setting out the grounds relied on and signed by at least two-thirds of the registered voters of the constituency or of the interest group referred to in clause (l) of this article, and shall be delivered to the Speaker.”

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