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Qute Kaye Caught Stealing Car Headlights A Year after Getting Born Again at Pastor Kayanja’s Church

Pastor Kayanja Led Qute Kaye to Christ in February 2017

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Qute Kaye got born again at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Miracle Centre Cathedral in 2017 but it seems the devil is still trailing him. The singer was reportedly caught stealing a car’s headlights.

After he got born again last year, Qute Kaye treated worshippers at at Kayanja 77 DOGs meetings with his great voice, singing songs like Blessed Assurance.

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But it seems the powers of darkness have overcome Qute Kaye.

Reports coming in from Busega in Rubaga Division in Kampala say Qute Kaye was nabbed stealing a car’s headlights.

Qute Kaye caught stealing.
Qute Kaye caught stealing.

A small crowd even gathered to witness after those who saw Kaye stealing reportedly made an alarm.

The locals even attempted to lynch Qute Kaye.

But police swung in action and saved the singer.

He is currently being held at Natete Police Station.

Police has charged him with vandalism.

Known for his Ginkeese song released in 2007, Kaye has gone through thick and thin, with some people claiming he was dead.

The claims were in 2013 and Qute Kaye dispelled them as untrue — he was not dead but his life seems to be slowly making a nosedive.

Pastor Kayanja and Qute Kaye.
Pastor Kayanja and Qute Kaye.

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