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NITA Boss Grilled for Receiving Shs 928 Million for Land Worth Shs 15 Million

James Ssaka; I Don't Know How Valuer Reached Shs 928 Million Figure

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The commission of inquiry into land matters has quizzed The National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) executive director James Ssaka over inflated compensation.

Lead counsel Ebert Byenkya noted that even by the time of evaluation of the land in question in 2015, over 30 per cent of the land was unoccupied.  

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From Ssaka’s testimony, the commission concluded that the land was largely unusable and could have attracted a cost of about Shs 15m.

Saka noted that there were three hills and a river in the piece of land

When Byenkya asked Ssaka why the land seemed to have been overvalued yet it was largely unusable, Ssaka said: “I can’t answer for the valuer; I don’t know the method he used.”

The Land Fund is supposed to help government compensate land owners occupying land needed for development and for redistribution to bonafide occupants or resettlement of the landless, among other roles.

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