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New Friends! Maama Lususu Offers to ‘Rehabilitate’ Qute Kaye

Has Qute Kaye Fallen in Love with Maama Lususu?

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Faded singer Qute Kaye has had his troubles recently, but it seems more doors are opening, and widely so.

First was former minister Mike Mukula promising to rehabilitate the singer after he was caught stealing.

And now it is Maama Lususu of the skin-lightening creams and other ‘beauty’ products under the ‘Sure Deal’ brand.

Heavy-Hearted: Pastor Kayanja Speaks out on Qute Kaye’s Embarrassing Theft Case

Maama Lususu says she is determined to help Qute Kaye become the singer he was when the ‘Ginkese’ crooner first came to the limelight.

Mama Lususu with Qute Kaye.
Mama Lususu with Qute Kaye.

But there seems more to the duo’s friendship — at least judging by the photos the two took and shared with their fans and customers online.

We shall just wait and see what the rehabilitation brings.

Doors Open for Qute Kaye as Capt Mike Mukula Offers to Rehabilitate Him after Embarrassing Theft Case

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