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Museveni: Those Foolish Criminals who Killed Abiriga Will Pay with their Blood

Museveni: We Have Many Options of Stopping Killings

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President Yoweri Museveni has assured Ugandans that murderers, including those who shot dead Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga, will be caught and will pay with their blood.

Abiriga was assassinated at 6:45pm on Friday by yet-to-be-identified assailants.

He was slain with his brother and body guard Said Kongo Buga.

Speaking at Birembo in Kakumiro during Heroes Day Celebrations on Saturday, Museveni said government had many options on how to stop the current spate of killings in the country.

“They [killers] think we have no options. We have all the options but sometimes we leave them so as not to inconvenience Ugandans.”

At Kakumiro, Museveni ordered that tracking devices be installed in all vehicles.

He also said he would not allow criminals to disturb Uganda’s peace.

“What these fools, the murderers, don’t know is that we will not let them use this peace to stir up the country,” warned Museveni.

The president further noted that the killers were taking Uganda’s freedom for granted.

“We decided to let everyone do as they want. We let you drink and gamble all you want. People often come to me and say that I am sleepy because I let my people drink all night, unlike in other countries,” he said.

“But I tell them, let my children drink. Now, these fools think that they will use this peace to kill our people.”

The three-decade leader then vowed to avenge for the blood of assassinated Ugandans.

“If you kill our people, we shall avenge,” declared Museveni.

“You will pay with your blood.”

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