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Museveni Says Islam is not a Religion of Criminals; Promises to Build National Mosque, Muslim Martyrs Shrine

Museveni: Crime Has no Religion

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Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, on Monday evening broke the fast (Iftar) with the Muslim community last  at State House Entebbe, during which he pledged to build a Muslim Martyrs Shrine.

Museveni with Muslim leaders
Museveni with Muslim leaders

“On June 3rd (Martyrs Day), I came to learn that there were actually a good number of Muslim Martyrs,” noted Museveni.

“I have agreed with the Mufti to redeem the place where they were killed, about six acres, and construct a memorial for them.”

He later added:  “In the new financial year, we shall begin work on the national mosque.”

Museveni also emphasized that although some elements of the Muslim community had been arrested for engaging in criminal activities, not all Muslims were criminals.

Museveni: Crime Has no Religion

“On the question of a few youth being involved in crimes like terrorism, that should not worry you. The government does not believe in collective guilt,” said the president.

At the end of April 2018, joint security forces raided Usafi Mosque in Kampala where scores of women and children were rescued, and elements linked to terrorism, kidnaps and murders arrested.

But politicians like Hussein Kyanjo accused the security forces of targeting Muslims.

‘When we were fighting Idi Amin, we were supported by many Muslims,” reminisced Museveni.

“Just because one Muslim has committed a crime, it does not mean every Muslim is a criminal. Crime has no religion.”

He also preached unity.

“It is also good to note that there are fewer divisions among Muslims today,” praised Museveni.

“We must continue to work for a united Muslim community.”

Meanwhile, Museveni encouraged the Muslims to get involved in agriculture and industry.

“I thank the Muslim community for greatly contributing to Uganda’s economy especially in the field of trade. However, I encourage you to venture into farming too,” counselled the president.

“For those in urban areas, consider getting into industries. Some of you like Hajji Bulayimu Kibirige aka BMK of Hotel Africana, are already in the hospitality industry.”

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