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Museveni: Permanent Secretaries are Experts in Doing Shoddy Work

Museveni Accuses Officials of Hiding Bujagali Project from Him, Inflating Cost

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Museveni threw jabs at permanent secretaries and commissioners in his address during the 19th summit of East African Community Heads of State in Kampala on Thursday.

Museveni at the summit's opening. Courtesy Photo
Museveni at the summit’s opening. Courtesy Photo


“Those people called commissioners and permanent secretaries negotiated for the country,” said Museveni.

“How can you be an expert in doing shoddy work? In the case of Uganda, this game is finished.”

Museveni complained that the experts “excluded me” in the negotiations for the 250-megawatt (MW) Bujagali dam project.

“They said my presence was undesirable. I was happy that they will do the job,” Museveni told fellow regional leaders.

“But when I asked them that what is the cost, they told me 11 US cents (Shs 390) per unit even with a subsidy.” he said.


The Bujagali dam project was hit by scandals right from the start.

Then energy minister Hillary Onek had flagged the Bujagali “a bad project, over-delayed, and over-priced”.

That was 2009 — and the powers that be listened not.

The World Bank funded project was expected to consume $862m (about Shs 3.1tn).

That was the figure government announced in 2012.

The same year the project started, a parliamentary probe of discovered that more money would be spent.

The new figure would be $1.3bn (Shs 4.7tn).

The energy committee led by Budaama South MP Jacob Oboth-Oboth asked Museveni to fire energy permanent secretary Fred Kabagambe-Kaliisa for inflating the project cost.

Meanwhile, Museveni told regional leaders that Africa was rich but wasteful. 

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