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Museveni Orders Minister Tumwebaze to Deal with People Who Threaten NRM Activists with Violence on Radios

Locals Also Told Museveni Terror Leaflets Had Been Circulated in the Area Before Abiriga Murder

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President Yoweri Museveni has ordered Information and Communications Technology Minister Frank Tumwebaze to crack the whip on people who use radio program appearances to threaten to harm others.

Museveni was responding to fears over the shooting of Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga.

Abiriga was assassinated at 6:45pm on Friday by yet-to-be-identified assailants.

He was slain with his brother and body guard Said Kongo Buga.

According to Museveni, Abiriga’s murder could expose the risks faced by his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters.

Abiriga was a staunch NRM activist who donned yellow attire to express his love for the party.

His death, if politically motivated, could send shivers down the spines of other NRM activists.

The three-decade president has now said he heard reports of people who threaten others on radio shows.

“I have also observed creeping indiscipline on radios,” noted Museveni.

“People threaten violence on air and just get away with it.”

He has thus ordered the information ministry to help stop the “creeping indiscipline”.

“The Minister of Information must deal with this.”

Locals had also told Museveni that terror leaflets had been thrown in the area. Criminals had ordered locals to pay ransoms or be killed.

It was readily established if Abiriga featured on the terror leaflet lists.

Museveni has vowed to hunt down Abiriga’s killers whom he called “idiots”.

“We shall bring these criminals to book,” he vowed.

The president also  urged the locals to “take community policing seriously”.

“Working with the police, we should have some community volunteers work as local defence forces and help us especially with monitoring the villages.”

Museveni argued that Abiriga’s murder could have been averted had the locals been vigilant.

“Vigilance will lead to the capture of these criminals as it happened in Masaka. These criminals were moving on a numberless “pikipiki” and their heads were covered with helmets even when they were standing in one place,” noted the president.

“These were signs that should have led to suspicion. Had the locals rang the police, this crime could have been prevented. Therefore, please, report everything that is suspicious and do so promptly.”

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