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Abiriga Shooting: Museveni Orders Mandatory Installation of Tracking Devices in all Motorcycles, Cars

Vehicles Owners to Buy Tracking Devices

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Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni has directed that tracking devices be installed in all vehicles as a way of trailing criminals following the murder of Arua MP Ibrahim Abiriga in Kawanda, Wakiso district.

Abiriga was assassinated at 6:45pm on Friday by yet-to-be-identified assailants.

Preliminary reports say Abiriga was shot by men travelling on a numberless bodaboda.

Museveni, who visited the family earlier on Saturday morning, has now ordered that all motorcycles and cars be equipped with tracking devices.

“But now,we are going to ask Ugandans to let us to do certain things, and when we ask you, don’t say that we are harassing you,” said Museveni at Birembo in Kakumiro during Heroes Day Celebrations.

“If the motorcycle is in Birembo, the computer will tell us that it is in Birembo. This will help us with these murderers,” he said.

Museveni added that government was “going to ask that you install these devices with your own money”.

“We will not use government money. If anybody wants to buy a car or a motorcycle, they must install that device,” said Museveni.

“The device will be placed at a point where it cannot be removed. If you tamper with it, the computer will alert us.”

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