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Museveni: Nobody Will Start War with NRM Regime and Win

Abiriga Murder: Museveni Announces Tough Measures against Bodaboda and Media

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Speaking at Lukudu village in Arua during the burial of slain Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga and his brother and bodyguard Said Kongo Buga, Museveni said NRM would end the current wave of insecurity.

After noting that Abiriga could have been killed for supporting NRM, Museveni said that a war against the current government would not bear fruit.

“It is possible that some people hated him because he was NRM and uncompromising, he was humorous but devoted,” noted Museveni.

“Nobody will start a war in the regime of NRM and win; he will lose  Although we don’t kill people, if there is war, we fight but the NRM brought a good spirit so no one should remove that.”

Museveni even reminded the opposition that government was more powerful and would floor its opponents if it so decided.

“Why doesn’t NRM kill MPs of opposition?” asked Museveni.

“Do you know who knows how to fight more than the other?”

Earlier, Usuk MP Peter Ogwang asked Museveni to protect his supporters while he is still in power.

Meanwhile, Museveni said “this issue of murders is not a big security problem”.

“It is an issue of Intelligence and media control though there is some laxity in security organs especially the police,” he said.

The president also announced stringent measures against bodabodas.

“These people who killed Abiriga just used jacket hoods to cover themselves; we are going to ban covering of heads while driving and helmets will have to be with numbers that shine at night so that you can be seen.”

First deputy premier Moses Ali called for police-public cooperation in prevention of crime.

“If people cannot co-operate with Government to hunt down criminals, then it will be hard because Government is not everywhere like the people,” said Ali.


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