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Museveni Makes More Promises to Improve Nurses’ Welfare

Museveni praises nurses for shunning doctors' strike

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President Yoweri Museveni has made a number of promises to nurses, and also praised them for defying calls to go on strike in demand for pay rise.

Museveni presided over the International Nurses Day celebrations at Boma Grounds in Kitgum Municipality at the weekend.

The celebrations were held under the theme: “Nurses: A voice to lead. Health is a human right”.

Museveni praised the nurses “for being good Christians and rejecting calls to join strikes of those fighting for salary increments”.

“I have insisted that scientists, including nurses, must have their salaries enhanced in the next budget. This will be done gradually until we match regional standards,” said Museveni.

He also told the nurses government had “devoted a significant portion of government revenue to infrastructure development” and that was the reason “we are handling the issue of salary gradually”.

Museveni also talked about the issue of workman compensation.

“The complaint by nurses regarding workman compensation is valid and I will study it. But you are entitled to it. There should be no debate.”

He promised to support the nurses Sacco

“I am happy to learn that nurses have formed a Sacco. This will help you earn extra income, and I am going to support it,” said the president.

“I have also directed my office to address the issue of the land title for your office at Mulago.”

Other Promises Museveni Made

The government will address the issue of housing for nurses because I support the idea that you should reside near your work places. We shall build houses close to hospitals.

On the issue of equipping hospitals with necessary equipment, the government is going to enter into a partnership with General Electric, an American company that we are dealing with in the oil sector. It also manufactures medical equipment and will supply these at a lower cost.

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