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Museveni: I Got Calls from Investors Immediately Age Limit was Removed

Business People Called Museveni to Promise More Investment after Age Limit Removal

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Museveni met the 317 MPs who voted to remove age limit last December at the weekend.

Government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa organized a thanksgiving and celebration of the the age limit removal and the signing of controversial bill into law.

Controversial because the MPs ignored the views of the electorate.

Even the views of the clerics were ignored. 

At the party Museveni revealed he had got calls from investors who were confident in injecting their money in the country he has led since 1986.

“After the amendment, business people rang me to say they would invest more because they are assured of flexibility [stability],” said Museveni.

“Ugandans can now look at the whole menu to pick their leader.”

Museveni praised “NRM CEC, NEC, Caucus and districts, for ensuring we have a flexible Constitution”

Museveni also praised the 317 MPs and declared them his new historicals.

But the party saw billions spent days after the finance ministry said it would borrow to pay part of the wage bill.

He further welcomed ‘opposition singer Ronald Mayinja’ to NRM. 

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