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Museveni: I Couldn’t Kill Kassiano Wadri Even When He Gave Me Headache

Museveni Optimistic Kassiano Wadri Will Join NRM

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As a way of preaching tolerance, even with people one doesn’t agree with, President Yoweri Museveni has revealed he could not kill Terego County MP Kassiano Wadri even when the legislator gave him headache.

Speaking during the burial, in Rhino Camp Subcounty, of slain Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga, Museveni suspected that some people in the opposition must have hated Abiriga due to his open support for the NRM Party.

Museveni said violence should not be a way of resolving disagreements.

Museveni told mourners he was patient until now junior interior minister Obiga Kania beat Wadri in 2016.

What Museveni Said about Not Killing Kassiano Wadri

“For us, we don’t kill people. We fight. A fighter doesn’t kill somebody sitting in his home… I didn’t like that man [Kassiano Wadri] politically.

He was always opposing me in parliament. I didn’t want him to be in Terego; but I couldn’t kill him.

He was a big fellow in parliament. I would come to Terego and beg people to ‘please chase this man for me. Save me from this man’.

The people of Terego were still not convinced and I got stuck with Kassiano.

But I couldn’t kill him; I couldn’t even push  him by hand, let alone kill him; because I hadn’t convinced the people to get rid of him.

I kept on trying and praying; until recently when God listen to my prayers.

Kassiano is alive; maybe he may join NRM. If I had killed him because he wasn’t supporting us, what if he changed and wanted to join us; where would I find him?

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