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Museveni Dragged in Namuganza-Kadaga Feud

MPs Tell Namuganza to Stop Dragging Museveni in Women Fights

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Junior lands minister Persis Namuganza has dragged president Yoweri Museveni in her feud with speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga.

On Wednesday, Namuganza appeared before the Parliamentary committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline to give her side of the story on her feud with Kadaga.

Namuganza told Kadaga to leave issues of royals to royals.


In her submission, Namuganza dragged Museveni in her rivalry with the speaker.

According to Namuganza, Kadaga defied Museveni’s order to cancel the installation of Bukono chief.

“This matter would not have escalated if the Rt Hon Speaker had listened to the President’s advice,” narrated Namuganza.

“On February 27, the President told me to stop the installation of the new chief, but Speaker defied and flew to Bukono and presided over the function.”

But  Samia-Bugwe North MP Gideon Onyango asked Namuganza to “come out clearly and tell us if the president is really in the know because you have mentioned his name several times”.

“It is shaming to involve the president’s name in your women fights.”

Rules Committee chairperson Clement Obote Ongalo (Kalaki County) backed Onyango.

“Relating with the president involves you and the president, so you know your side of the relationship and that is what you should tell us,” said Ongalo.

“It will be the president to also respond about this relationship because you are the one who has brought up the matter and your presentation mentions the president a lot.”


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“I will not state so deeply the relationship between my family and his Excellency when I have requested this committee to interface with the President,” responded Namuganza.

“I think it is unfair for me to answer on his behalf.”

Namuganza added that “as a head of state, any controversial matter which causes insecurity, I think it is the duty of the President to intervene”.

“The President intervened in the issues of the Rwenzururu Kingdom because it had escalated into insecurity

“This is why he also intervened in Busoga kingdom fights because it has also escalated to insecurity since huts are being raided and burnt down by unknown people.”

To set the record straight, Namuganza said “the President’s involvement into this issue has nothing to do with relationships”.

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