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Museveni Disregards Wife Janet’s Directive, Mubs Council Decision; ‘Re-appoints’ Balunywa as Principal

Why Museveni Re-appointed Prof Balunywa as Mubs Principal

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President Yoweri Museveni has reappointed Prof Juma Waswa Balunywa as Makerere University Business (Mubs) principal just a few hours after the school’s council forced the school boss to step aside.

Prof Moses Muhwezi was Monday announced as Mubs acting principal after a council meeting in which chairperson Prof Venansius Baryamureeba was advised to wait outside.

A section of council members were reportedly still interested in seeing Balunywa continue his reign at the Nakawa-based school.

An almost equal number of members reportedly called for an end to Balunywa’s two-decade leadership at the business school.
Balunywa and Baryamureeba have for over a week been engaged in a bitter verbal exchange for the former’s quest to extend his 21-year leadership as Mubs principal.

Baryamureeba had insisted Balunywa had clocked retirement age and could not be reappointed.

On his part, Balunywa had accused Baryamureeba of fighting to replace him.

But hours later, Museveni would write overruling council’s decision and rejected his wife and education minister Janet’s directive to start a process for the recruitment of a new principal.

From Balunywa’s rebuttal against Baryamureeba’s claims, Museveni had recently met Balunywa over press articles on his feud with the former presidential candidate.

Museveni had given Balunywa his blessing.

“I was invited by His Excellency the President over these articles,” revealed Balunywa recently.

“As a fountain of honor I cannot divulge our discussions because it will be a breach of trust however the conclusion was that I should continue to serve Mubs since you [Baryamureeba] had recommended me.”

Museveni Praises Mubs Principal Prof Waswa Balunywa

According to Museveni’s letter to Janet, Balunywa “is always good to work with”.

Museveni noted that “one of the obstacles that have wasted our time is a disoriented  pro-imperialism academia”.

He also praised Balunywa for being on  the “liberation side of ideology”.

That, Museveni added, is “in addition to being an active administrator”.

“His institution has been free of strikes; I have never found him averse of advice the times I have interacted with him. Such a person is always good to work with.”

Museveni directive on re-appointment of Prof Balunywa
Museveni directive on re-appointment of Prof Balunywa

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