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Museveni ‘Blesses’ Religious Leaders with Shs Five Billion; Besigye Urges Clerics to ‘Give Tithe’ to ‘People’s Government’

Besigye Wants Religious Leaders to Emulate Rukungiri People, Says Museveni Donation will Compromise Them

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Four-time presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has urged religious leaders to donate part of the Shs 5bn President Yoweri Museveni donation to the people’s government.

On Friday, Museveni met over 60 religious leaders.

This meeting came barely a month after Museveni took the clerics on a tour of western Uganda, and requested them to preach the Operation Wealth Creation gospel.

In the Friday meeting, Museveni promised to give clerics Shs 5bn and vehicles.

Museveni with religious leaders. Photo by Enock Kakande
Museveni with religious leaders. Photo by Enock Kakande

“I pledge to facilitate the Inter Religious Council with a budget of Shs 5 billion to facilitate the promotion of wealth creation among the believers,” said Museveni.

“You lead the people by example and execute their wealth creation efforts through the parishes set up by Government.”

Museveni has had trouble with the church, the height of it being during the age limit debate.

But that changed from the day Museveni met the Kampala Archdiocese Archbishop Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga.

Archbishop Lwanga had complained of strangers that he said wanted to kill him.

Museveni would later donate Shs 5bn to Lwanga’s Sacco — and the cleric would start accusing the media of talking ill of his relationship with Museveni.


Besigye has now urged the religious leaders to ‘Rukungirinize’ the donation they received.

‘Rukungirinizing’ is being interpreted to mean ‘giving part of the money Museveni donates, to Besigye and his parallel government’.

“Religious leaders can Rukungirinize the money!” wrote Besigye on Tuesday.

“It’s our money being abused with impunity.”

Besigye also said the money would impact national dialogue efforts.

“Of course, their role in National Dialogue gets more controversial!”

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