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Museveni Bans Police Bond, Bail

Museveni: I am Sad but Confident We'll Put Stop on Murders

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Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni has banned police bonds and bail for suspected killers, whom he kept referring to as pigs.

Bond is an arrangement where police releases a suspect before investigations are complete with the guarantee that s/he will report to a station wherever needed while bail is granted by court.

But Museveni wants this arrangement stopped — and he has issued an order to that effect.

“I don’t want to hear about police bonds any more, some people suspected of killing people should not be given police bonds any more, no way, these people are pigs,” said Museveni during his budget speech in Kampala on Thursday.

The president also said “bail for killers will not be accepted any more; I don’t want institutions to clash but bail for people who kill our people will not be accepted”.

Museveni said he was angry, sad but confident he would catch the murderers, including those who killed Ibrahim Abiriga, then MP for Arua Municipality.

He added that the state of insecurity was “not as complicated as it is but we lost some time”.

Museveni: Those Foolish Criminals who Killed Abiriga Will Pay with their Blood

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