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Museveni: Abiriga Killing Was a Political Assassination

Museveni: Abiriga Killed for Supporting NRM

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Uganda’s three-decade president Yoweri Museveni has said there are higher chances that MP Ibrahim Abiriga, a staunch supporter of his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, was killed for supporting the party.

In a weekend statement on the gruesome murder on Friday of Abiriga and his brother Said Kongo Buga, Museveni said the duo’s killing was a political assassination.

The president, however, said he could not rule out personal motives.

“As the investigations are still going on, we cannot rule out personal motives for the murder,” said Museveni.
“However, there is high probability that this killing was a political assassination because of his commitment to the NRM.”
Museveni said those who killed Abiriga for political reasons were simply bankrupt.
“If that is the case, the killers have miscalculated and shown their bankruptcy,” said Museveni.
“Why kill somebody because you do not agree with him? Why don’t you defeat his ideas with your “better” ideas?”


The president explained that his government had defeated terrorists and rebels and would deal with them.

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Assassination means that you are already defeated. Your ideas cannot compete with ideas of the victim in terms of development. That is why you decide to kill him or her. That will not help you. Others with the same ideas will continue.
However, assassination never saves the dictators from their doom. The assassinations of Dr. Mondlane and Samora Machel , did not save the Portuguese from total defeat.
The assassinations of Herbert Chitepo, Ruth First etc, never saved the criminals of White South Africa and Rhodesia from their eventual defeat.
Amin, by killing Ben Kiwanuka, Bataringaya, Bananuka, Balufuywa, Major Katabarwa etc could not save himself from his eventual defeat.
When the NRM had taken power, some anti-democracy elements targeted and killed the first elected RCs/ LCs, especially in Busia and Teso to stop the people from joining the RCs/LCs. Scores of LC chairmen in Busia and Teso were killed.
This, however, could not stop the defeat of FOBA (Force Obote Back – a group of some of the UPC supporters) from defeat.
Kony and ADF were famous for attacking soft targets – unarmed or unprepared people -rather than attacking military barracks or convoys. This did not stop Kony and ADF from being defeated.
Assassins are cowards. They attack soft targets. They do not attack military targets which is the work of the brave. That is why they are called terrorists.
We defeated all the terrorists in the rural areas: Kony, ADF, UPA, FOBA, Itongwa, the Karimojong cattle rustlers, etc. That is why there cannot be a revival of terrorism by criminals using the forests or the bush.

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