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Muhammad Kirumira Convicted, Demoted

Muhammad Kirumira Guilty of Unnecessary Exercise of Authority

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Uganda Police Tribunal has found former Buyende District Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira guilty of former unnecessary exercise of authority contrary to Section 44 of the Police Code of Conduct.

Kirumira had arrested Flying Squad operatives and paraded them before reporters.

That was 2014 and Kirumira was the Officer in Charge of Nansana police station.

Earlier, police had blocked reporters from covering the tribunal’s ruling.


Earlier reports had indicated that IGP Martins Okoth Ochola had contacted Kirumira through senior officer Sam Omala who had stood surety for Kirumira.

Ochola had reportedly sought to have Omala convince Kirumira to return to police.

But while appearing before parliament’s defence committee, Ochola would later spit at Kirumira saying he deserved trial in hell.

“You have all watched the conduct of this officer,” said IGP Ochola.

“His conduct requires us to have him tried in hell perhaps, and you will agree with me that at least we have been giving Kirumira the benefit of doubt.”

Ochola added that “Kirumira takes advantage of being portrayed by the press as a martyr and we shall not accept that”.

Ochola had also defended the police act of blocking reporters from covering Kirumira trial.

Ochola said the tribunal had a right to “exclude the press or the public from all or any proceedings before it for reasons of morality, public order or national security, as may be necessary in a free and democratic society”.

He added that “an assault is a criminal act; whoever assaults a journalist commits a crime which has to be investigated”.

And hours later, the police court demoted Kirumira from the rank of  Assistant Superintendent of Police to that of Assistant Inspector of Police.

That is a demotion by two ranks.

Kirumira now awaits the decision of the police council which will decide whether to uphold the decision of the disciplinary tribunal or not.

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