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MPs Who Threatened Abiriga, NRM Legislators During Age Limit Debate Face Arrest

MP Peter Ogwang: Abiriga Murderers Want to Kill Me; They Have Been Trailing Us

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All MPs and other politicians who reportedly threatened fallen Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga and majority NRM MPs who voted to remove age limit could be arrested to record statements.

Ruling NRM party chairman and president Yoweri Museveni is treating last Friday’s murder of Abiriga and his brother and bodyguard Said Kongo Buga in Kawanda as a political assassination.

And one of the MPs who openly supported the controversial age limit removal campaign has asked Museveni and security agencies to force legislators and politicians who threatened pro-age limit removal MPs to record statements.

Usuk MP Peter Ogwang told Museveni that Abiriga and other NRM MPs had for long received death threats.

“The people who killed Hon Ibrahim Abiriga began threatening us… These people are recorded on various radio stations, even within Parliament; we know of our colleagues who threatened, who said “we shall kill you; we shall kill your families and we shall kill your children, and here they have started,” said a bothered Ogwang.

“I want to call upon you and call upon the security apparatus of this country: can these people be picked and they record statements.”

During the heat of the age limit debate, at least two MPs, Betty Nambooze of Mukono Municipality and Bernard Atiku of Ayivu, were engaged in separate scuffles with Abiriga.

It remains to be seen if security agencies will arrest and interrogate these MPs.

But Museveni hinted on media control to block politicians and analysts who threatened others.

Ogwang further told Museveni that Abiriga’s murder should open his eyes on protecting NRM supporters.

When Museveni visited Abiriga’s home on Saturday, he said the NRM cadre’s murder exposed the risk of supporting the party.

But during the burial, Museveni said the spate of murders was not a big issue.

“We are taking this death lightly. Today it’s Ibrahim Abiriga, but I am among the many on the wanted list,” said the youthful MP.

“I have accepted to die for the love of NRM. I am not going to remain to support NRM, they have been trailing us.”

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