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NRM MP Peter Ogwang to Museveni: Where Shall We, Your Supporters, Go When You Leave Power?

MP Peter Ogwang: I'm Ready to Die for the Love of the NRM

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Usuk County MP Peter Ogwang has asked president Yoweri Museveni to provide security for his supporters following the gruesome murder of his staunch ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party cadre and Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga.

During the funeral of Abiriga and his brother and body guard Said Kongo Buga at Arua’s Lukudi village on Monday, Ogwang told Museveni that it was troubling for NRM supporters to die when he is in power.

“Your exellency, what does it cost now for me to die in my own government?” asked  What if you are not in power where shall we go?”

Ogwang also said he was ready to die “for the love of NRM” just like he claims Abiriga has been killed for the same reason.

What Else Did Peter Ogwang Say?

  • The people who killed Hon Ibrahim Abiriga began threatening us…
  • These people are recorded on various radio stations, even within Parliament; we know of our colleagues who threatened, who said “we shall kill you; we shall kill your families and we shall kill your children, and here they have started.
  • I want to call upon you and call upon the security apparatus of this country: can these people be picked and they record statements.
  • We are taking this death lightly. Today it’s Ibrahim Abiriga, but I am among the many on the wanted list.
  • I have accepted to die for the love of NRM. I am not going to remain to support NRM, they have been trailing us.

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  1. Moses Omoding says

    So What he means is that opposition MPs are the ones who killed Abiriga? Which also suggests that even Kaweesi was also killed by opposition! Really? Let police look for those people who killed Abiriga; they are the ones to mention their bosses — instead of now guessing that it is the opposition. So, you mean opposition have guns? If they have and they are recommended by government, i believe their guns are registered.

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