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More Calls for Minister Betty Amongi to Resign

Catherine Bamugemereire Tells Minister Betty Among to Step Aside

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The Catherine Bamugemereire Land Commission has advised lands minister Betty Amongi to resign after she got entangled in a web of land wrangles.

On Tuesday, Amongi appeared before the land commission sitting at the National Records Centre and Archives Building in Wandegey in Kampala after snubbing summons twice.

Commissioners grilled Amongi to the extent that she forgot her English and asked for a Luo translator.

Betty Amongi grilled by Land Probe commission
Betty Amongi grilled by Land Probe commission

Minister Betty Amongi Told to Resign over Land Grabbing Scandal

Justice Bamugemereire tasked Amongi to read section 5 sub-sections 1 and section 12 sub-section 2 of the Leadership Code Act.

“A leader cannot put himself or herself in a position in which his or her personal interests conflict with his or her duties and responsibilities,” read Amongi.

“A leader shall not participate in the deliberations of a public body or board or council or commission or committee of which he or she is a member at any meetings at which any matter in which he or she has personal interest is to be discussed.

“A leader who contravenes that sub section 1 breaches the code and is liable to vacate office or be dismissed.”

It was at this point that Bamugemereire asked Amongi: “Don’t you see that this Leadership Code Act is asking you what to do?”

Amongi is accused of using her influence as a minister to help her company Amobet get four prime properties.

More Calls for Minister Betty Amongi to Resign

Ideally Hon. Amongin should not have appeared before the Lands commission. Why? She is the Minister of lands under which the commission should report which is also the ministry that should implement the recommendations of the commission. Even if the commission was appointed by the president it should still report to him through the line Minister.

Therefore after she was implicated in land fraud, she should have ideally stepped aside or the appointing authority should have made her step aside to avoid conflict of interest or political interference or even humiliation. Otherwise how can a serving minister appear before a commission she is supposed to oversee? — Mwambutsya Nbebesa, Academic and political commentator

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