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Vendors Selling Simcards Registered in Fake Names Arrested

Police Raid Illegal Simcards Hub, Arrest Vendors

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Police in Kampala has arrested a men in possession of unsold simcards that are registered in random names.

Police arrested Elidard Turyasiima, 24, a vendor, along Clock Tower Kampala.

Turyasiima is a resident of Kasangati in Kazinga Zone.

Police is classifying the 25 simcards as ‘used’ — since they are already registered in other people’s names.

The force nabbed Turyasiima while selling a simcard registered in the name of Byaruhanga Aliganyirato to Ibrahim Lubega.

A statement by Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) is linking Turyasiima to “gangs that steal mobile phones from revellers and use these simcards for criminal activities”.


“We are investigating the source for these cards since many criminals are using such cards to commit crimes,” said KMP spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire.

Police would later arrest Turyasiima’s alleged accomplice named Teopista Ngonzi at Majestic Plaza.

Police recovered 22 used simcards from Ngozi.

Turyasiima and Ngozi are being held at Katwe Police station as investigations continue, said police.

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