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Shs 1,500 Per Meal: Makerere Government Sponsored Students to Use Shs 4,500 for Three Meals A Day

Each Government Sponsored Student Will Spend Shs 1,500

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Government sponsored students at Makerere University are expected to use Shs 4,500 to cater for three meals a day starting in the next academic year.

Government students will each get Shs 535,500 to help them buy or prepare their own food for 119 days in an academic semester.

That translates into Shs 4,500 a day.

The money is to cater for Shs 4,500 for three meals a day — Shs 1,500.

University administration says the dean of students had established that nine out of 10 students preferred having cash rather than having meals prepared for them in halls of residence.

On May 15, Vice Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe told students a meeting between vice chancellors of all public universities with State minister for Higher Education Chrysostom Muyingo on May 10 had resolved that catering services for all students be divested.

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